A word from the hut keeper

Welcome to the Goûter hut, the highest kept hut in France.
Here everything is out of the ordinary: the altitude, the weather, the accommodation capacity, the constraints but also the technical characteristics of this building, its environmental performance and a motivated team that performs daily prowess and deploys organizational treasures.

The hut is equipped with a crampon room where you can leave your shoes, your equipment and find slippers for your size.

Please note the reservation is compulsory and valid until 5 p.m.
A bag-free room is available for people wishing to prepare their own food. However, the room does not include cooking equipment.
You can order hot dishes (pasta, omelettes, quiche) as well as sweet snacks at the snack bar between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., dinner being served at 6.30 p.m. for everyone.
Two breakfast hours are available: 2h and 7h.
The dormitories are equipped with duvets and pillows, you only need a personal bag sheet.
Bathrooms are available on each floor, however you will not find running water.
We accept all types of payment: cash, checks and CB but we advise you to always have two payment solutions in case of technical problem.

See you soon !

Our team

Antoine Rattin, coordinator hut keeper


Maud Louvrier, hut manager